7 Thoughts 7 Days into IGTV

It’s incredible how social media (and Instagram specifically) continues to change. One day we see stories integrated to Instagram, the next, we jump into another new feature: IGTV. There may be a lot to look forward to, but this feature goes to show that the audience should ready themselves for more change. What’s this buzz all about? In this episode, I’m sharing my 7 thoughts 7 days into using IGTV.

How My 8-Year-Old Created and Alexa Skill and You Can Too

My 8-year-old daughter, Emery, is fond of creating her own jokes! So, about three months ago, we decided to turn those jokes into an Alexa skill: Kid Jokes. In this episode, my daughter and I are going to share how we did it and how it’s possible for you to do the same!

Why Celebrities like Will Smith and Kevin Hart are Getting onto YouTube

Gone are the days when YouTube was just a bunch of ridiculous cat videos. It’s also not just a stepping stone for creators. Even celebrities like Will Smith and Kevin Hart have now jumped onto the platform and are sharing content with their fans and growing a new audience for their content. In this episode, I’m going to share with you some reasons why these celebrities might be on YouTube and why it’s a good time for you to do the same!