15 Interesting Facts about Instagram

Instagram exploded in 2015 and continues to grow rapidly every day! Here are 15 interesting facts about this fast growing social network that I think might catch your attention:

1.     Instagram currently has 300 million monthly active users.

2.     75 million of those use Instagram every day.

3.     30% of teenagers consider Instagram the most important social network. 9% of teenage girls claim to have been bullied on Instagram.

4.     20% of US adult females use Instagram, compared to 15% of US adult men.

5.     20% of Internet users aged between 16 and 64 have an Instagram account.

6.     41% of Instagram's audience are aged between 16 and 24.

7.     22% of internet users in the Middle East and North Africa use Instagram.

8.     47% of adult users access Instagram from a smartphone. 53% use a tablet.

9.     Instagram launched in October 2010. Over 20 billion photographs have been shared on the site since then. 70 million new photos are shared each day.

10.   There are around 2.5 billion Instagram likes every day, or 8500 new likes each second. 1000 comments are left each second.

11.   70% of Instagram users log in at least once a day. 35% check Instagram multiple times per day.

12.   Only 23% of Instagram users utilize the direct messaging feature.

13.   60% of Instagram users are located outside of the US.

14.   Around 25% of Fortune 500 companies use Instagram actively. They usually post on Thursdays.

15.   Instagram photos featuring faces get 32% more likes.

* Source: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/2015-instagram-statistics-you-should-know-katy-elle-blake

So, what does all of this mean? Well, if you’re interested in reaching teenagers this is the place to be. The demographics though are fast changing as the platform is getting mass adoption by all adults and on a global scale. Based on the facts it might be worth posting a photo with faces in it this Thursday!

In the next few days we will be discussing Instagram in more details here on the blog and how you can most effectively use this social network for ministry. I would love for you to comment below sharing your Instagram handle or handles.