2016 Men's Lent Devotion

As Christians, if we're called to be like Jesus and are serious about the duty, what is standing in the way of that call? What would it look like for Jesus's life to change the way you lived yours?  

I'm honored to be included as a contributor in the Sacred Holiday Lent Study for Men, which includes the voices of 30 men from across the country who are answering the above question daily. Some days in the study will be highly personal, while others will dig deep into theology or tell simple stories. Each will challenge you to see Jesus's story as it relates to your own and commit to following Him because of it.

 We will explore six topics in-depth:

  • Celebration- Jesus’s riding into Jerusalem
  • Temptation/Betrayal- Judas’s role/mind-set in betraying the Son of God and the disciples’ denial of Jesus
  • Calling- Jesus’s prayer in Gethsemane and mind-set while being put on trial
  • Sacrifice- Jesus’s beatings and Him carrying the cross and dying for you
  • Resurrection- Jesus’s journey from death to life
  • New Life- Defining new life and our response

20 percent of profits from the women's Lent study will go directly to the Orphan Care Network—a nonprofit that is partnering with families to serve the marginalized by showing the Redeemer still changes stories. 

Click HERE below to visit the Sacred Holidays store where you can purchase the study either in print or digital download.  Can you guess which one I'll be going through? Also, I'm excited to share with you a 10% discount code to use when checking out: TEAMFRIEND10