3 Questions With Dr. Kim

Dr. Kim is a good friend of mine and President and co-founder of I Want an Awesome Marriage, Family Christian Counseling, Christian Relationship Coaching, and A Cord of Three Strands. Dr. Kim has a passion for seeing people find their full potential in Christ-centered marriages and relationships. Here are 3 questions I recently asked Dr. Kim:


With the ministry of Awesome Marriage you have gone "all in" with an online strategy, what led to that direction and what have been the fruits of this investment?

From the beginning of Awesome Marriage in 2010, our goal has been to reach as many people as possible with God’s plan for marriage. In our world today, we felt the best place to find people was on social media and the internet. Honestly, when we look at divorce statistics, we don’t see a lot of difference between Christian couples and non- Christian couples. That troubles me. The church has not done a great job in helping couples prepare for marriage or helping them in their marriages. We wanted to help whether someone was single wanting to be married, dating in a serious relationship, engaged, married in a good marriage, or married and struggling. Through our online focus we are helping people close the gap between where their relationships/marriages are today and where God wants them to be. Reaching people around the world is no longer just a dream. It is now a reality!

When it comes to marriages many people encourage couples to stay away form social media.  As a counselor what is your recommendation to most couples as you discuss social media?

There are a lot of “horror” stories about how social media is wrecking marriages. From my experience as a counselor, I know many marriages that have been compromised by one or both spouses connecting with people of the opposite sex on social media. Yet, in reality, people who want to cheat are going to find a way. It’s not like cheating had its birth with social media. It just makes it a little easier. Social media has its plusses and minuses just like everything else. On the plus side, we have been able to produce content to help people build strong healthy marriages and relationships and have been about to deliver this content to them in ways that even ten years ago were unimaginable.

In talking with couples about social media, I ask them to lay down a few boundaries in their marriage. First, never have old boyfriends or girlfriends as friends on social media.  It is just not worth the risk. Second, your spouse should have access to all you do online and that includes your passwords. Finally, it is almost essential today for each spouse to have an accountability partner that will consistently ask the tough questions about social media activity. With those boundaries in place, a couple can have much more confidence in their ability to navigate social media.

You just released your first book, 7 Secrets to an Awesome Marriage; how has that experience been or writing and publishing the book and what is the hope for the book long term?

Writing a book for a major publisher was a very different experience. I wrote books in the past but they were self-published. Now, I had someone that was going to be pouring over every word I wrote. That was a little intimidating at first but something I had to get over and did. Actually, once I realized that my publisher was in this with me, and one hundred percent behind me, the process began to flow. It has been a great experience.

The “secrets” in the book are actually not new but are timeless. I think I was able to present them in a new light from my counseling experience and to give people a lot of practical, doable ways to improve their marriages. I would love the book to become one of the standards for marriage and to help people around the world for many years to come.

Dr. Kim’s new book, 7 Secrets to An Awesome Marriage, is available to order now. I highly recommend it! Order yours now here


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