3 Questions with Jay Kranda

Jay Kranda is the Online Campus Pastor at Saddleback Church in California. He is also the author of Social Media Made Easy, a great book about marketing for non-profits. Jay also co-hosts the Social Media Church Podcast with me each week. Jay has a brilliant mind and is a great friend! Here are three questions I recently asked Jay: 

For many ministry leaders out there Saddleback is the ultimate gig and you have such a unique job there.  Can you share how you landed in your role and what it's like on the "inside?” 

I interned at Saddleback. Nothing special. I had grown up at a church of 500 and wanted to go into full-time ministry, but if you are part of a church of 500 you know there are very few full-time positions available and those positions are held for decades. I left the church to learn, grow, and find a job. Saddleback was a natural choice because it was a church I knew of and a close friend was on staff. I interned for my friend at Saddleback during my last year in college and quit a part-time job I had at a hotel to be more focused on my internship. The Communications Pastor at Saddleback approached me about a staff position at the end of my internship and I took it. I started out overseeing all the creative arts ministries and one of those neglected ministries was the Online Campus. Once I saw what was possible I started to voluntarily (meaning it wasn’t really part of my job) build up the experience and years later that became a full-time job.  


Other than the challenges of dealing with a hostile co-host, what has your experience been like hosting the Social Media Church podcast and what have you learned along the way so far?

Nils is hostile. No, Nils is a gentle giant. So many learnings from co-hosting the podcast! The biggest is the healthy process of regularly talking through what I'm learning, reading, watching, and more in audio form. The podcast helps a great deal in framing what I’m learning and what I should be focusing on. I’m a verbal learner and our show forces me to condense my thoughts every week in a healthy way. Also, I know how easy it is to get a podcast setup now, so I have encouraged many organizations to start their own. It’s an easy way to create a communication channel, which has become a mantra for me while talking with others.   


As an Online Church leader you have seen this aspect of ministry change significantly over the past 3 years. What predictions do you have for the next 3-5 years of online ministry in general?

Church plants starting online. More and more people and church planting organizations will use online church and methods to do more cost effective church plants around the globe. So much money is wasted in brick and mortar launches. This is already being talked about and being tested, but I know this will be major paradigm shift for those who will plant churches in the years to come. 


You can read more great thoughts by Jay on his blog Online Forward! And you can also follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

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