3 Questions with Peter McGowan

Screen shot 2012-09-13 at 11.13.30 PM Peter McGowan is the Creative Principal behind Plain Joe Studios based in Corona, CA.  Peter is a brilliant and creative leader with an incredible heart for ministry.  Make sure to visit plainjoestudios.com and visit some of the work that he and his team have been a part of.  My favorite of all of their work is the development of the Media Social platform.  It has been an essential tool for CBC Online and continues to get better every day!  Here are my 3 questions with Peter:

1)  As you travel around the country working with various churches and ministries, what are some of the trends that get you excited about the future of the church?

the church working on not being the building but the body of Christ, the building just helps facilitate that… it doesn't matter what we have, it's what we can do with it. This is translating into the online / social media spheres now too. note this video from Granger - we just redid their environments:

2)  In creating Media Social as an Online Church platform, what was your original vision for the platform and how has it changed since launching?

a core to the original vision was "social television/entertainment/engagement" where you could take what would normally be a one way medium (watching a video) and make it interactive/socially relevant. That core vision has remained as a constant, one of the early 'funding' methods was context based content control… i.e. if someone was a the parent a of jr. higher, ads for the jr. high retreat could pop up. Although that is still a part of our technology, our shift to enhancing the platform to be more useful for the platform to be used as an online church platform has really taken off. Whether it's for broadcasting traditional worship services, or for distributing small group content, the focus has shifted more towards facilitating those functional requirements.


3)  When it comes to the Online Church, where do you see things going in 1 year, 5 years, or even 10 years?

people will be able to become more connected, find information to go deeper in their own personal journeys of faith. they will be able to connect with a broader community. Our hope is that the Church will become a major content provider for storytelling for our society, as it once was.


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