3 Questions with Terrace Crawford

We are so excited to announce that the great Terrace Crawford is joining our team at Nils Smith Solutions!  He will be supporting our clients in the area of social media as well as helping create great resources for church leaders through the Church Technology Guide.  Terrace has been a leading voice to the Church in the area of social media for many years as a blogger, podcaster, conference speaker, etc.  Here are the 3 Questions I asked Terrace as we begin this new partnership:


A couple years ago you wrote the book, Going Social, what led to writing Going Social and what was the experience like?

I've been an enthusiast of Social Media for years, and really had a burden to see church leaders leverage media for kingdom growth. What I found was that a lot of church leaders were on social media but that they weren't using it in their ministries --- or for kingdom advancement.   This literary work was actually written for the pastor who may not know where to begin or how to get started. I found the experience of writing this book to be very enlightening.  My favorite part was probably interviewing dozens of people around the world who are using social media in unique ways in their ministries.  I ended up writing an entire chapter of the book devoted to telling their stories!


Since writing the book what have you seen change the most when it comes to social media and the church, and what do you see ahead for the future of the church and social media?

What struck me when writing the book was that companies around the world started to really use social media to engage with their customers, but the church seemed to resist.  Since my book has been published churches around the world have really made strides in building their online presence and tapping into the power of connecting with people online. As far as the future goes, I think we will continue to see growth online and media evolve in ways that will only help us expand our reach worldwide.  Ministries who were accustomed to having a reach limited to their cities will have a global impact ... and that is something to celebrate!


We are so excited to have you join the team at Nils Smith Solutions helping support our clients social media needs as well as creating resources through the Church Technology Guide. Can you share a little about what excites you about joining the team?

I'm happy to work with the Nils Smith team.  One of the things that I'm passionate about is helping resource leaders. I'm probably most excited about being able to collaborate with this team to help equip other leaders worldwide!


For more great thoughts about social media and more, you can check out Terrace's blog. You can also follow him Twitter and Facebook