3 Questions with Tim Peters

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Tim Peters is a Church Marketing and Communications Consultant.  He has helped countless ministries maximize technology to better achieve their goals.  He also shares so much great content on his blog at TimPeters.org that will greatly benefit your Church or Ministry.  I'm honored to have him share some of his thoughts through these 3 Questions:


1)  What are some of the trends that you see in the church today that get you excited and what trends really concern you?


First, I sense many churches realizing the power of the Internet and now leveraging the Internet to reach more people with the Gospel. Secondly, I am excited to see the younger generation live on mission.  I mean ... really taking serious of the idea of bringing God's Kingdom to earth. Thirdly,  I am excited to see many non-pastoral men and women starting organizations and business with a Kingdom Focus.


2)  Other than the Bible, what 1 book has most shaped your ministry/leadership and why? 


Wow. Tough question. I would say, "Visioneering by Andy Stanley".  I see myself as a visionary and will never forget the impact this book made on me while in college dreaming about my future.


3)  For churches/ministries that are 3 steps behind when it comes to technology, where do you encourage them to start and how do they even begin to catch up?


Strategy, Strategy and Strategy. It is very difficult to use the Internet to reach people without a holistic approach to using available channels of technology communications.  Take time to understand the heart of your church, your audience and identify the right channels to use in connecting with members and potential church members.