3 Tips to Crushing Instagram

I want you to crush Instagram! While there’s no shortcut around capturing great images, posting them with a catchy caption, and engaging socially on this platform’ there are some best practices that I think can help you focus your hustle.  

Here are 3 tips that I recommend you integrating into your strategy:

  1. Engage with Others – the best way to engage on social media is to be social.  Being social most often requires more listening than talking and even when you do talk, your focus should be on them and commenting on their post or responding to their comment. Focus first on engagement and then begin developing your content.

  2. Use Hashtags – these are a great way to make your content more searchable to engage other Instagram users outside of your existing network. Be careful not to use too many hashtags (one or two is ideal) and make sure your post is relevant to the hashtag you choose.

  3. Customize your bio- Your profile is the first impression that you make for strangers when they're checking out your Instagram feed, so make sure you give them a few good reasons to tap the Follow button (if indeed you want more followers). Say something about yourself, what you do, and the types of photos you'll be sharing (as it may not be obvious from the first few pictures in your feed). Make use of the website field to direct visitors to your church or ministry’s website, your Twitter feed or anywhere else that's going to help convince someone that you're worth a follow.


I hope these help! What other tips would you recommend to other church or ministry leaders looking to crush Instagram?