3 Tips to Crushing Twitter

I want you to crush Twitter!  While there’s no shortcut around creating great tweets, scheduling content, and engaging socially on this platform’ there are some best practices that I think can help you focus your hustle.  Here are 3 tips that I recommend you integrating into your strategy:

  1. Use Images – the stats don’t lie: tweets with images receive 150% more retweets.  Adding images to tweets naturally helps capture more attention in the Twitter feed.  While this can be time consuming, adding these simple graphics can add high value to your most critical tweets that you want your followers to notice and hopefully retweet.
  2. Reply with Videos – video integration is a fairly new feature, but when used effectively can add a wow factor to your Twitter engagement.  Think about this: someone tweets a sermon quote and tags your church. On Monday morning the Pastor replies in a video tweet saying thanks for coming to church and sharing this tweet.  Big time wow factor for both the individual that tweeted and for all of their followers. I bet you would start seeing a lot more tweets about church this way as well!
  3. Use Search.Twitter.com – there is so much you can find using this powerful search tool.  If you do nothing else though search this every week “moving to ______” (input the name of you city in the blank).  As you see people moving to your city welcome them to the city and ask them if there is anything you can do to help them in their transition. This wow factor will definitely peak their interest in checking out the church that sought them out in this unique way.

I hope these help! What other tips would you recommend to other church or ministry leaders looking to crush Twitter?