5 Online Churches to Watch

Other than just doing Online Church, the best way that I learn is not reading a book or article, but actually watching other Online Churches in action.  

Along with Community Bible Church's Online Campus: OnlineChurch.com, here are the top 5 churches that I recommend paying attention to and learning from as you build your Online Church Campus:


  • Life.Church

    These are the Godfathers of the Online Church movement and have set the bar for everyone else. They have been an open book from Day 1 and even generously give away their unique technology for FREE in the Church Online Platform. The most significant uniqueness to their online campus is the quality of the video experience partnered with the hundreds of volunteers that they have engaging with their online guests.  
  • Lakepointe Church

    It has been fun to watch this Online Church Campus grow so much over the past year. A couple things that really makes this Online Campus unique is that their experiences are live with live cuts to the campus pastor in the media room during the service. They also have a fantastic custom built platform.  
  • Saddleback Church

    This church has been fun to watch online as they have gone through many significant changes over the past 5 years or so when it comes to their Online experience. They really utilize On-Demand video while focusing heavily on their custom Online Group platform and experience. I feel like this Online Group development was originally so ahead of it’s time and will see a great explosion in the next 2 years.  
  • The Brooks Church

    This is the first online first church that I am aware of. Being that they have no physical campus and building this Online Church Campus that will likely lead to physical gatherings is incredibly interesting and unique. I will look forward to following the growth of this church and if this becomes a model for many new churches in the future.  
  • Westside Family Church

    What I love the most about Westside Family Church is their willingness to try new things. As they both stream live services and offer services On-Demand and in a simulated live experience, they are always trying new and unique things. They really have a unique volunteer driven culture within their Online Campus with very passionate and invested leaders.  


This list could keep on going. I would love for you to share links to other Online Church Campuses in the comments and we can expand this list of churches to watch.  

2016 should be an interesting year for Online Church Campuses as more and more churches are investing in this area and technology is moving at a faster pace than ever before!