Becoming a Social Media Pastor Part 2: The Search

As I found myself in the valley, it was time to begin my search. I needed to figure out what was next, understand who I was and who God was calling me to be vocationally. At the same time I needed to figure out how I was going to provide for my family. So I developed a plan. My plan was to talk with as many people as I could, read as much as I could, and put myself out there as much as possible. I built this blog/site, heightened my activity on Social Media websites (Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn), set a goal to meet with 3 people a week, and read as many books and articles as I could. I created a spreadsheet tracking my progress in all of these areas. To be honest, I really enjoyed all of these things. I plan to continue doing all of these even out of the valley, but being in the valley forced me to be intentional in these efforts.

As I look back on this season, I'm blown away by the individuals God allowed me to meet with. I met with incredible businessmen and ministry leaders from all over the country. Lots of coffee, miles on the road, and minutes on the cell phone. I really want to name drop, but I won't be that guy. To peak your curiosity though I will say that some of my favorite conversations were with ministry leaders from New York, Los Angeles, Charlotte, and Washington D.C.

I read some great books like 48 Days to the Work You Love and The Hunt for Green Octobers.  I'll be honest though, I found the most inspiration from a cursing wine guy.  I saw this video on YouTube and it fired me up:

There's actually a much longer version of this video that really inspired me, but I won't share it here because there are far too many expletives.  If cursing is not overly offensive to you search Gary V Ted Talk in YouTube and you'll find the longer video.

Anyways, I bought the book and read it in a matter of hours.  I knew the power of Social Media before reading this book, but hearing Gary's story inspired me in a new way.  As I read his book I couldn't stop thinking that if Gary V could impact so many people by hustling on Social Media with his family wine business, how much greater could the impact be when sharing the gospel over Social Media.

So I found my passion.  I found what I would love to get up and do every day.  Wouldn't it have been a great story if I would have then just called Robert Emmitt and told him he should hire me to do a social media ministry  just like the cursing wine guy?  Well, it wasn't that easy, it was much harder, and much better than that, but I'll get to that later.

If you're struggling with you're current job situation, I encourage you to do these same things: talk to as many people as you can, read as often as you can, and put yourself out there as much as possible.  Gary V uses the term "hustle".  Even in this economy I think there is too much opportunity out there for you to dread going to work everyday.  It's not easy and it will require you to hustle, but the search is well worth the effort.  Trust me!


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