Becoming a Social Media Pastor Part 3: The Find

So I had worked through the valley, gone through my search, and found what I felt I should do.  I had a plan, a good one, and I was ready to move forward.  My plan was this: I would utilize my entrepreneurial passion to launch a new City-Wide College/Young Adult Ministry in San Antonio maximizing my network and previous success in this ministry area.  I felt that Social Media was too new and I would have to work as a consultant to gain experience while this media platform developed before it could become a full-time focus.  My hope was to build this ministry over the next 5 years while developing my skills in social media for the future. I began moving forward with this plan meeting with a lawyer to set up an organization legally and began to build a board of directors.  I also began meeting with ministry leaders in the city beginning to pitch the vision and everything seemed to be moving forward.  While I hadn't raised a penny yet, I had a five year plan and that was comforting for someone recently feeling lost in a valley.

Things really peaked when I got a text message from Chris Emmitt that Robert Emmitt wanted to buy me lunch.  I had followed Robert and Community Bible Church for some time and couldn't believe that he wanted to buy me lunch and allow me to pitch my vision for this new ministry to him.  So I met Robert and Chris at lunch that day and pitched this new ministry idea for a city-wide college ministry and I still remember Robert encouraging me telling me that it was a good idea.  He then asked me to tell him a little bit about Social Media and what I see ahead for the church.

Not many people asked this question and most pastors were confused and nervous about social media.  The next 15-30 minutes was one of the most exciting ministry conversations that I have ever had.  I shared my passion for Social Media and ministry and Robert shared his vision for doing church online.  Robert then asked me a question that changed everything: "Would you be interested in joining us at CBC in launching an online ministry?"

This question threw me off and was completely unexpected.  Of course I was interested, but this wasn't a part of my 5 year plan.  This was my dream for my 10 year plan, but the door is opening now.  Robert said that he did not come to offer me a job but just  to pick my brain.  As he heard my passion and our unified vision, it was what he sensed was right.  He encouraged me again that my idea for a city-wide college ministry was good, but my passion for Social Media seemed to be much greater.

He was right.  I had to be honest with him and admit that he was right and I believed that through college ministry I could touch hundreds maybe thousands of lives in San Antonio, but through Social Media I could touch thousands possibly millions of lives globally.  Our conversation ended by Robert asking me to breakfast the next week on the contingency that I bring a copy of my dream job description with me.

Was I dreaming?  Was this real?  About a week later I joined the staff of Community Bible Church as Social Media Pastor and we began The Experiment.  Trust me, the story only gets better from here!