Bill Hybels at All Access Conference

Probably the speaker I was looking forward to the most at the All Access Conference was Bill Hybels.  I have been following Bill Hybels and Willowcreek for more than a dozen years and his leadership principles have probably shaped my ministry leadership style more than anyone else.  His message at the conference were timely for me and probably many others.  Here are my notes: The future of the local church rests in the hands of its leaders.

Unless the church is well-led and well-fed it won’t reach it’s redemptive potential.

Leaders move people from current state to preferred future.

We must build a case for why we can’t stay “here’ so that we must go “there” (preferred future)

Celebrate as much as you can… create a culture of celebrating.

Almost every leader underestimates the power of casting vision.

Find fantastic people to join your team with these qualities:

-       Character

-       Competence

-       Chemistry

-       Culture

-       Calling

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