Book Recommendation: Emotionally Healthy Leader

I have shared several times before on this blog the impact that Pete Scazzero and Emotionally Healthy Spirituality has had on my life personally, emotionally and spiritually.  I am a different man, husband, dad and leader because of it.  While I’m still a newbie to this new paradigm, I’m living proof of the effects of this core message. 

While this book is targeted toward church and ministry leaders, I believe any leader of any kind will gain great wisdom.  This book is the culmination of more than 15 years of research and development from Pete Scazzero.  He hits right to the core with the first chapter laying out what an Emotionally UnHealthy Leader looks like.  I’ll be honest, it stings a little bit, but as the book continues Pete shares very personal stories of his journey as well as incredibly practical application of how you can begin the journey to become an Emotionally Healthy Leader. 

I’ve had the privilege of sharing the book with about a dozen friends and colleagues and I’ve yet to hear anything other than “this is exactly what I needed right now."  None of those leaders were on the verge of burnout or seemed to be in a bad place emotionally, yet they found the content to be radically transforming as it addressed core issues that they were not even aware of in themselves. 

If you are like me you avoid touchy feely stuff as much as possible and the title of this book might turn you off.  Let me be clear, this book is not touch feely, it is bold and jarring.  The message is countercultural and bold in a way that I have never heard before.  This won’t be a quick easy read for anyone, but it will be an incredibly valuable use of your time and money to purchase and read this book.  I hope you will take the next step and read this book and begin your journey of Emotionally Healthy Spirituality.  You will be glad you did! 

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