Book Suggestion: ONE LORD ONE FAITH by Vernon Johnson

After visiting Charlotte ONE a couple months ago, David Hickman (Director of Charlotte ONE), encouraged me to read this book by Vernon Johnson. ONE LORD ONE FAITH is very different from most of the books I read, but probably one of the most spiritually challenging and inspiring books I've ever read. The first chapter or two is a little slow and hard to follow, but keep reading because it gets good! This book gets to the core prayer of Jesus in John 17:23 that is the basis for Charlotte ONE and has stirred in my heart since reading this book. Jesus prayed that we may become ONE so that the world will know how much God loves them. As we look at our churches it is clear to see the division and the competitive nature that we have developed. This couldn't be further from the heart of Christ! May we be the answer to Jesus prayer seeking unity in the body so that the world will know through our being ONE how much God loves them!