Book Tour Questions - Website & Conversation Starters

Questions from Rebecca: How do I make the church's website more relevant...more likely to draw people in?

Do you have a good set of questions that have started good conversations?  Our church has a FaceBook page already.  We are in the process of transformation...

My Response:

Great questions Rebecca!

First, on the website I recommend 3 things: a good design, a simple structure, and clear communication.  You need your website to look good and make a great first impression.  The site needs to be easy to navigate and communicate clearly what you want the visitor to see/read.  The biggest mistake that I see churches making on websites is not having services times and location on the front page.  This is the primary thing that most visitors to a website are searching for.  Make this clear and easy to find (and appealing to attend).

On the conversation starters I recommend starting casual and then going deep.  Here are some good ones that we have found:

Casual: What's the best burger in town? or What football team are you cheering on this weekend?

Personal: What one person has impacted your life more than anyone else?  or What is your favorite childhood memory?

Spiritual: Type 1 word to describe God  or  How can we pray for you today?

I would lean on the Spiritual, but don't hesitate to start casual and then get personal.  I don't think you can ask too many questions on Facebook!