Creating Great Content for Instagram

Have you heard the phrase: “A picture is worth a thousand words?" This phrase best describes Instagram. Instagram is dominated by photos taken on smart phones everywhere and instantly shared to the social network. Some are silly, some are powerful and some are just stupid. Regardless, these images tell a story and are viewed by millions every day.

As church leaders we have a story to tell. We have a story to tell about what is happening on our church campus as well the lives that are being transformed in the life of our church. We have inspirational moments and images to share and even some information that we can make people aware of through this social network.

The question you want to ask yourself when posting on Instagram is “what story do I want to tell?”

When someone sees the photos you post, how do you want them to react? Let’s reverse engineer this. So, if you want people to laugh think about what you would post that would cause a chuckle. If you want to give them a midweek pick me up, what image can you post that would do just that?

For instance, if you post a photo from a baptism service at your church you are likely communicating life change to your community and offering your congregation an opportunity to Comment or Heart in celebration. A post like this encourages others. If you are posting a sermon series graphic with a quote on it you sharing inspiration in your followers feed that communicates your core message and what is being spoken from the pulpit at your church.

My biggest recommendation when it comes to creating content on Instagram is to have fun and be personal. The worst content out there is a bunch of promotional posts that come across corporate. There is room for that, but don’t let those posts dominate your Instagram content strategy. Take photos behind the scenes at your church, share images of greeters at the door or members in the community. Have fun and be social! Invite your followers to interact with you and interact back with them.