CV Global Acquires Searchable.Church

I can't be more excited to share with you that CV Global has acquired Searchable.Church from our company.  While this might sound like more of a business exchange, I can promise you that this is way more of a ministry partnership.  

A little more than a year ago I got tired of encouraging churches to take advantage of the Google for Nonprofits program where Google offers churches $10,000/month in FREE Adwords Advertising (no joke!!!) and them not taking advantage of it.  I understand it's confusing and complicated, but it's over $100,000/year in legitimate value that ministries can take advantage of.  So, I decided to create a business solution that would do it for them.  Over the past year our team in partnership with Jen Miles has been able to help dozens of churches take advantage of this opportunity and spent more than a million dollars in Adwords campaigns helping churches reach more people in their community and throughout the world through Google search.  

About 3 months ago, I met Nick Runyon of CV Global at a meeting here in New York City.  We hit it off with a lot of likeminded ministry passions around technology.  He had a similar idea of what we were doing with Searchable Church, but his heart was not for a business initiative, but to give it away and help churches at no cost. With the team in place at CV Global it was clear that they would be able to take Searchable Church to another level not just helping dozens of churches, but potentially thousands of churches across North America and we quickly came to an agreement to transfer the platform under the umbrella of CV Global.

Moving forward, I can't wait to see what they do with it and how many churches they will be able to help.  Your church can get started today by simply going to Searchable.Church and signing up for a FREE account.  Seriously, there are no strings attached.  Just Kingdom minded leaders who see an incredible ministry opportunity that can reach people in such a unique way at such a unique time in history.  I'm grateful for Nick Runyan and the team at CV Global for pressing into the limits of technology for the sake of the Gospel and seeing this opportunity and making the investment to come alongside the local church in this way.