Defining Success

Over the past year many people have asked me what I would attribute the success of CBC Online to.  What they mean by this question is why has it grown so fast? In ministry it's often hard to define success.  We are often apologetic when it comes to reporting attendance or measuring success based on numbers.  Our Senior Pastor, Robert, Emmitt was recently interviewed in Outreach Magazine and answered the question: "What is success?" in this way:

I don't think I have every heard a better answer to this question.  So when it comes to CBC Online, I believe that we have been extremely successful as we continue to reach, teach, and help thousands of people all over the world each week in Jesus' name!

Going back to the original question of why CBC Online has been successful, I believe there are many factors that are involved.  Current technology is amazing, our media team is incredible, we have great music and preaching to broadcast, but there is one reason in particular that was also highlighted in this article that has been most critical to the success.  Here is what Robert said when asked what excites him right now:

Our senior leadership passionately believes in and supports CBC Online.  Without that support I cannot imagine that the success that CBC Online has experienced would be possible.  I cannot express enough how grateful I am to serve under the leadership of CBC and appreciative of the support that they have given me and the ministry that I am blessed to lead.