Developing a Facebook Content Strategy

When it comes to your Church Facebook Page many churches are finding that no one is seeing any of their posts.  The problem though isn’t always Facebook as much as it is what you are saying.  I continue to work with many churches and ministries that are growing tremendously on Facebook without any advertising (although ads do help significantly).  Here are 4 types of posts that I recommend you using as a part of your content strategy:

  • Inspiration - at least 50% of your posts should be inspirational.  This should include sermon video clips or quotes, Bible verses, inspirational messages or images, etc.  Ask yourself when posting: will someone Like or Share this?

  • Information - too many churches post informational posts as 100% of their strategy.  At most it should be 25%, but it also shouldn’t be 0%.  People need to know what’s going on and how and where they can get connected.  

  • Conversation - My friend Dave Adamson ( recently said that at North Point Church ( they strive to use more questions marks than periods.  Facebook is a social network which means that conversation is central to the platform and the best way to create a conversation is to ask a question.  

  • Celebration - tell more stories!  It sounds simple, but we focus more on our what God has ahead and too often don’t take time to pause and look at all that God has done.  Whether it’s a ministry highlight or a personal testimony, capturing and sharing stories is critically valuable to your Facebook page content.  

As you get going know that you have never landed.  What worked this week will likely not work next week.  Constantly adjust and adapt, but know that this 4 part content strategy has worked for us quite effectively over the past 5 years.  In fact, one of our pages is not far from surpassing 1 million page likes!  I would love for you to check it out at