Distributing Your Podcast Effectively

A question that I often get is this: how do you get your podcast on iTunes? This is easy once you are set up, but unbelievably confusing. I still don’t know how this fully works and this is where we had the hardest time in getting started. You have to host your podcast somewhere and create a feed for iTunes to pull your podcast feed. Makes sense, right?

Let me simplify this for you: get Libsyn.

Libsyn will cost you about $7/month and does everything for you. They will give you the instructions to setup your podcast with iTunes and connect everything with your Libsyn account so that you don’t have to worry about how it all works. Libsyn is powerful, flexible and simple to use. They also provide the best possible analytics on podcasts, which makes the cost really worth it.

Beyond the automatic pushes to iTunes and other distribution opportunities, their media player is easily embedded into your website.  We have found it important to use our website (Squarespace) for info about our podcast and a place to post “show notes.” During episodes we will mention links and various things that will drive people to our website to get more info. So, for each episode we post the show notes and an embedded audio player for people to easily listen right there on our website as well.

If you use a different distribution platform I would love to hear what it is and why you chose it.