Effectively Monitoring Your Facebook Engagement

Social media is best used as a telephone, but it is too often used as a megaphone.  People or organizations post news and information, but don’t take advantage of the incredible engagement opportunities on these platforms.  Facebook is probably the most social of all when it comes to engagement, but these opportunities are often ignored because of confusion on how to keep up with it all.  

Here are 3 Tips to help your church better monitor your Facebook Engagement:

  • Use a Management Tool - there are some great tools out there like Hootsuite, Sprout Social or my favorite: Social Report.  These tools will pull together in a live feed all of the engagement on your Facebook Page and really any other social network that you have.  This way in one place you can most effectively monitor and manage all of the comments and interactions on your Facebook page.  

  • Empower Volunteers - you can’t keep up with it all and you shouldn’t.  Facebook allows for multiple levels of administrators on your page and you should use these to empower volunteers to respond to messages, reply to comments, and effectively monitor the engagement in real time.  We like to say that the Online Ministry at our church allows you to minister in your PJs whenever and wherever you want.  

  • Schedule Time Daily to Engage - if you wait until you have “free time” you will likely never get to it.  If you schedule 15-30 minutes a day to monitor engagement I believe you will find this time really valuable with some incredible ministry moments that will exist on a daily basis.  

How do you keep up with it all?  Are there any other monitoring/management tools that I missed?