Facebook Ads for Churches

I began running Facebook ads about 7 years ago for a Young Adult Ministry that I led and I credit the ads to the exponential growth that we had growing from 20 college students to over 200 in less than 18 months.  Facebook ads allow you to target a very specific target audience in such a unique way.  It has continued to be foundational at Community Bible Church helping our Facebook page grow to over 750,000 likes reaching more than 1 million people each week as well as growing our online audience to over 12,000 each week from more than 150 different countries and territories.  I know that this growth would not have been possible without Facebook ads.  

It’s my belief that Facebook ads are the most effective advertising/marketing opportunity for churches.  They are very flexible and affordable no matter what your budget is.  For the Online Church Facebook page we spend $5/day and that’s the most we’ve ever spent!

Here are the 3 types of Facebook Ads that you should consider for your church, ministryor organization:

  • Page Like Ads – these help grow your Facebook page following and can be targeted by geographic area, friends of people who like your page, or those who like similar pages or organizations.  My suggestion is to primarily focus on geographic area and those who have friends who like your page.


  • Promoted Posts – these are created when you create a post on your page and you click the button to boost/promote the post.  These ads are valuable for key announcements or content pieces that you want to make sure that those who follow you and their friends see.  Things like new sermon series or Easter service times are great for promoted posts.


  • External Link  Ads – these ads can be used to drive people to your website.  You are often limited by what you can put on your Facebook page and you want to point people to your website to find out more about your church or organization.  These function much like a Page Like Ads, but take people to your website rather than your Facebook page.  These are more expensive than the other ads, but can be quite valuable in creating awareness of your church in the community.

Have you tried Facebook Ads yet?  If so, what have you found to be most effective through your efforts?