Facebook Ads For the Win

I have been using Facebook Ads in a ministry context for more than 7 years now.  While I’ve seen the cost of these ads increase significantly over the years, the effectiveness has grown just as much.  Because we give so much data to Facebook, advertisers are able to much more effectively target their ads.  While I won’t get into the weeds of Facebook Ads as they can get quite complex, I do want to show you 3 simple ad campaigns that you can run simply and efficiently with immediate results:

  • Page Like Ads - just as described these ads will help grow your Facebook Page Likes.  You have likely seen these ads without realizing it as they will show you Pages that you might like.  Some of these are organic and nature and many are paid ads.  My recommended target for these posts are people who live within 15 miles of your church who have a friend who already Likes your church’s Facebook page.  

  • Boosted Posts - most Facebook posts are only seen by about 5-10% of those who Like your page.  That is pretty standard and really not bad in comparison to many other more traditional communication channels such as print mail, signs or posters.  You might have a critical announcement or a sermon clip that you want more people to see.  Boosting a Post (you can do this right on the post within Facebook) will allow you to really maximize this message reaching a much larger audience of both people who like your page and those connected to them.

  • External Link Ads - these ads can be more costly as Facebook prefers to keep you on Facebook, but external link ads can help you drive traffic to your website.  I would use similar targeting as your Page Like Ads for these ad campaigns.  They are also great if you have a special event that includes an RSVP for email capture.  At Community Bible Church we have used these ads in connection to an RSVP with our Easter services in the past.  

To get started with these types of Ads or many other options click “Create an Ad” on the right side of your screen above the Ads being displayed in the Desktop version of Facebook.  Facebook does a great job of making these ads easy to setup to get you up and running.

Have you used Facebook Ads before?  Have you found them to be effective?  I would love to know what your experience has been.