Facebook Ads- How I Started

I love trying new things, especially when it comes to technology!  About 5 years ago I began experimenting with Facebook Ads for our College Ministry with a budget of $5 a day.  I had already found Facebook to be a great ministry tool, but did not realize the hidden opportunity behind ads when it came to ministry.  My perception was that advertising online seemed like it was only for businesses and too expensive for a small ministry.  I was very wrong! At the time I was spending almost $500/month advertising in college newspapers and radio stations with fairly decent success by most standards.  I decided to try an experiment for a month and spend $150 of that budget on Facebook Ads.

I found that I could advertise to individuals in my city between certain ages with specific likes or whatever parameters I could filter through.  I was only charged when someone noticed our ad and they clicked to visit our website.  It didn't take long before we saw immediate impact and literally our ministry grew from 35-75 in just a couple months and then to over 200 over the next year. Our "brand" became recognizable around the city among all college students  and I was spending a fraction of the money than I did on print advertising.  I quickly pulled all other advertising expenditures and fully invested in Facebook ads.

My experience from running local ads 5 years ago has been a springboard to the global ads that I run today.  Facebook Ads have been the primary tool that we have used with CBC Online to reach into regions that would cost us thousands of dollars to minister to previously, but for pennies we can make a ministry connection with people from all over the world instantly.

Over the next couple of weeks I will share what I have learned these past 5 years in using Facebook Ads from reaching local college students to individuals in the Philippines, Indonesia, Pakistan, and the more than 100 other countries that we minister to on a weekly basis through CBC Online.

Have you tried using Facebook Ads yet in your ministry or organization?  What success have you seen?