Getting the Right Podcasting Equipment

Many people obsess over equipment and tools when it comes to podcasting. Honestly, you likely have everything you need already to launch a decent podcast. My encouragement isn’t to obsess over the tools as you can always upgrade these over time. Here are the core tools that I use:

Blue Yeti Microphone – this is probably the most popular microphone for podcasting out there and it’s a great value at $100. You can easily record 1 person or several people gathered around the microphone. It also plugs right into your computer via USB which is really convenient. I highly recommend this microphone for it’s functionality, but most people (including me) choose the Yeti because it looks cool. Many of these USB microphones are small and either look cheesy or kind of clunky where you have to get a big stand to hold it up.  As you do the research, I think you will find that a decent microphone is going to cost a minimum of $50 and can then get really expensive really fast. I have yet to find anyone who is disappointed in the Blue Yeti though. The one downside to it though is that it’s pretty big and heavy, so if you plan to travel with it I would look for a different option.

Zoom Video Conferencing – because we record our podcast from 2 different coasts we needed an online recording option and we haven’t regretted choosing Zoom. Many podcasters use Skype, but I’ve found the quality to be subpar and you have to use additional software to record. Zoom allows for many users to easily participate at the same time and the record functionality captures both the audio file and video file for easy editing after the recording.

Editing Software – we found GarageBand incredibly easy to use and pretty powerful when you dig into the functionality. In all transparency we found the editing aspect to be too time consuming so we outsource this through Fiverr most weeks, but when we do edit ourselves we use GarageBand which is easy enough to use for a beginning and powerful enough for a pro.

So that’s it. Those are our simple core tools that we use to record and edit the Social Media Church Podcast. I would love to hear what other tools you use and what you might recommend.  Please comment to let us know!