Getting to know my KODAK PLAYTOUCH


I'm in no way a pro when it comes to video, but it is very important in how I use Social Media.  I need an easy way to quickly create simple videos that communicate a message without being distracting because of poor audio or video quality.

For a couple of years I leaned on my Flip Cam and iPhone camera.  The problem that I had with these great cameras was the audio quality with the built in mic.  I've needed a camera with a mic input as it's too time consuming to sync up the audio afterwards.

Most cameras with a mic input cost $500+ primarily because of the video quality, but I don't need $500+ video quality.  Not too long ago I heard about the Kodak Playtouch  at the low price of under $100 having 1080p HD video quality, the simplicity of the Flip, and a MIC INPUT!

About a week ago I saw a refurbished Playtouch available on for about $30, so I jumped at the opportunity to snag one at such a low price.  I just got it in and wanted to update you all on my first impressions:

1) I love the size and feel!  It's incredibly small to bepacked with so many options like the flip out USB arm, mic input, AV out, SD card slot, and HDMI out.

2) I'm a big fan of the touch screen and impressed with the many options from video resolution, mic gain, video effects, simple share options, etc.

3) The one negative that I do see initially is the battery life.  While this does not effect my use much, it does seem to have a fairly low battery life if you're recording football games or shooting longer videos.

Have you used a KODAK PLAYTOUCH before?

Do you have any advice on how to make the most of this little camera?

If you not a PLAYTOUCH, what camera do you primarily use and why?