Google TV looks Rad!

I've been hearing a lot about Google TV and just saw this promo video.  It makes a lot of sense and seems like it's been a long time coming.   About 6 months ago I just bought a VGA cable to connect my laptop to my TV because I was watching too many shows on my 17' screen in the same room as my 42" tv.  I've always been interested in  Apple TV (I almost bought one but figured I could do the same thing by connecting my computer to my TV) which seems to be nothing like Google TV and while they seem nothing alike, they are both movements away from traditional cable tv.  It seems that with the speed of the internet now and livestreaming video everywhere, that it's only a matter of time before cable no longer exists.  I'm sure there will be some slow adapters, but I'm pretty pumped about this option and eager to watch it develop.  What I'm curious to see is how it will work with live shows/videos. I'm a sports fan and still enjoy watching many sporting events live (although watching commercials drives me crazy).  This platform makes a lot of sense for the tv shows that I can watch in an On Demand format, but I'm curious how it will work with live broadcasts online.  It will be interesting to see and looks like this will be a pretty sweet technology addition to the home!