Guest Post: Should Churches Make Social Media A Priority?

This is a guest post from my friend Jeremy Smith.  I have followed Jeremy for many years online as he is a leading voice in church technology and innovation.  Enjoy these insights from Jeremy as he shares some thoughts on Social Media and the Church:

This year has been an absolutely fun experience as I have taken on a year long adventure to begin to construct a foundation to identify what it means for churches to create a digital ministry. The idea of the research project is that churches are investing in social media and websites, but very little data has been gathered on the topic. I therefore set out to gather data on the 100 largest churches in America in 2014 to see what was already being done.

I was able to answer questions like: 

·       What social media platforms should churches be on?

·       What should be posted on your church’s website?

·       How frequently should a church post on social media?

·       What pages need to be on your website?

·       What content is being posted most on social media accounts?

But the first question that came about is how important social media should be in relationship to churches. The study by Outreach ministry looked at the congregation size of churches in America. I wanted to look at how the size of social media compared to their congregation size. Here is what I found.

But this data by itself is meaningless. I decided to take it a step further and wondered if making their social media presence a priority, and ultimately a ministry in and of itself, would be wise. In my latest eBook, By The Numbers, I found that when you take a church’s social media size in conjunction with the frequency of posting to engage with people as well as advertise events, volunteer opportunities, and other announcements, the reach of a social media presence would be much greater than what could be done effectively in church services.

The questions now are:

·       What will you do with this information?

·       Could you dedicate some staff or volunteers to create and maintain a digital ministry, time and energy to create quality content at a consistent rate, and engage with new and current audiences?

·       And would you have enough intentionality within your strategy to further the cause of your ministry’s mission and purpose?

 If you would like to see an even further breakdown of the research data, you can actually purchase the By The Numbers eBook at For those that would like a free copy of the first three chapters of the eBook, you can get it by signing up for our mailing list.