Hiring a Digital Receptionist

I’m always on the look out for new ministry opportunities online and while browsing my friend Mike Foster’s website People of the Second Chance about a year ago I had an AHA moment.  I was checking out his new book and all of a sudden a pop up in the corner of the screen came up and someone was on the other side and asked a simple question: “Can I help you?”

Naturally when I see things like this I have to test it and find out more.  I started asking questions and the person on the other side was so friendly and helpful.  Honestly, I already had Mike’s book, but was ready to buy another because this person was so nice.  I then clicked on the chat tool Live Chat Inc and looked into what it would take to integrate on our website.  24 hours later and for only $20/month we had a live person available on CommunityBible.com

Quickly after adding this feature we had a big problem: people loved it and used it… a lot!  What we found is that people would often go to our website to look for a phone number to call the church, but found that there was a live person available right there on the website.  We also found that these people were not just interested in information about the church, but often needed direct ministry and prayer.

We have since added a full-time Virtual Receptionist who connects with people on our website all day both getting them connected to people and information, but also ministering to them directly and often praying with them right there in a chat box.  Who knew that technology could be so personal?

I hope you will give this tool a try and see what your congregation thinks!  Actually, this goes way beyond your congregation as this helps you connect personally with the person who might be visiting your church this weekend before they even arrive on your campus!  Who knows, you might even be on the search for a new digital receptionist!  It’s a pretty appealing position as it can be accomplished from a desk at your church building, from a couch in your home or a table at a coffee shop anywhere in the world.  

Have you tried integrating a feature like this on your church website?  What's holding you back from giving it a try today?