Instagram Live is Here and Why You Shouldn’t Use It

I love new things, especially on social media! Innovation seems to continue to be the key to success whether you are a social media user or a social media platform creating new features for users. Instagram has been innovating like crazy around their new Instagram Stories functionality and most recently released Instagram Live.

Is it cool? Yes, absolutely.

Should you play with it? Go for it!

I think Instagram Live might have a solid purpose in the future, but I don’t see a significant opportunity for it at this point. As we look at Facebook Live the great opportunity for significant engagement is the viewership that seems to be happening after the video is live. While organic in nature, Instagram Live doesn’t allow for playback meaning that the video engagement opportunity is much shorter. For a viewer to find you they must be looking at Instagram at that moment and looking at the Stories feature to have your live stream highlighted at the top of their stories. Currently, that number of people just waiting for an Instagram Live stream does not seem to be significant.

Over the past couple of months, I have been watching people using the feature often to never use it again. It’s hard for me to find people using it because I don’t get a push message or any kind of alert and just must hope that someone is using it at the right time that I am looking for it.

So, because of the lack of alert functionality and the short-lived engagement opportunity without on-demand live stream viewing my recommendation is to wait on incorporating this feature into your social media strategy.

Know that I expect this to change and I do think there will be a significant opportunity here in the near future. Just not today.

Do you agree or disagree? I want to know!