Introducing the Awesome Marriage Podcast

I am so excited to share with you all that I am co-hosting the Awesome Marriage Podcast with Dr. Kim Kimberling. I have had the privilege of working alongside Dr. Kim for a little more than a year managing the digital communications of Awesome Marriage. For about 6 months we have been dreaming about launching a podcast and in January we officially launched! I was so honored that Dr. Kim not only asked me to help in the distribution of the podcast, but to also participate as his co-host.  

If you are not yet familiar with Dr. Kim and Awesome Marriage I hope you will take a minute to visit to learn more. This past summer Dr. Kim released his book 7 Secrets to an Awesome Marriage with Zondervan and we continue to hear of marriages being transformed through this incredible resource.  

Since the release of this book we have seen Dr. Kim's platform grow tremendously and he generously desires to share his wisdom out of 30+ years of marriage counseling. He has done this for years on social media and blogging and now he is expanding into podcasting.  

Each podcast is 20-30 minutes in length and includes practical insights into marriage discussing topics like fair fighting, sex, date ideas and more all from a faith perspective.  The podcast also includes special guests like Dr. Les Parrot and Carey Neuhoff.

Click the link below to check out the podcast today. If you like what you hear we would love it if you would be willing to subscribe and leave a review on iTunes.