Introducing the Elevate Summit

It has been a great honor to partner with the California Southern Baptist Convention and Invictus Global to be a part of series of events throughout California called Elevate Summit!

Have you ever been somewhere and feel like you are somehow a part of a group where you don't belong.  I feel that way with these events as the level of leaders and ministry innovators are so tremendous that I'm extremely humbled to be a part of this leadership team.  Take a look at the lineup:

Summit presenters

We have already had 2 exciting events in Fresno and San Diego with many more to come.  Here's a video from our first event in Fresno:

To learn more about these Elevate Summit events visit  

In the coming weeks I will be sharing video interviews with each of these presenters giving you both an insight to these events as well as immediate impact and insights to elevate your ministry leadership.