iPad App/Book Recommendation: Gracenomics


If you have not yet read Gracenomics by Mike Foster, please don't wait another minute to either download the iPad App or Kindle version of the book.  The book is only .99 on the Kindle and the iPad App has some great interactive elements with video for just $1.99.

Mike Foster is an incredible storyteller and shares with great vulnerability throughout this book.  He lays out some very practical methods in which we can begin applying second chance living to our daily lives.

You will find the the principles that Mike suggests in this book do not just apply to our personal and spiritual lives, but also to our professional.  As we begin applying Gracenomics to our daily lives, we will begin seeing dramatic change in all of our relationships.

One last thing that's important to note is that this is really a very quick read.  I was able to read the whole book in one three hour flight.  I think  you will find though that this not just a quick one time read, but a book you will go back to again and again.

Mike has also developed a great resource in Gracenomics Groups if you are looking for a resource that will create a conversation in your church or organization.  Take a minute to watch this video with Mike Foster below and join the movement People of the Second Chance.