It's Okay to Rest

I thought I would follow my recent post titled "It's Okay to Hustle" with this one.  I believe passionately in hard work, but I believe even more in the critical importance of rest.  We see this demonstrated throughout the Bible and historically we see how many bad decisions are made when leaders are exhausted. I like many of you say things like "I'll rest once I get through this project or milestone."  The problem with this idea is that there are often 2-3 new critical projects that follow this one and the hoped for rest period never arrives.

I have learned that in order to effectively rest I must schedule it like everything else.  Sometimes that is months in advance and sometimes it's only hours in advance.  I know that in order to be most effective and healthy I must schedule both short and long periods of rest to relax and refresh.  This is not easy to do and I do not sit still very well, but it must be done.

With that said I will be taking a 10 day break from blogging.  Generally I schedule posts out weeks in advance, but I've decided not to do that this time.  I will simply be taking a break from blogging for a few days to focus on rest, relaxation, and my family.  I look forward to returning from this time as I know that this time of disconnection will also lead to fresh thoughts and a renewed passion in everything that I do.

Have you scheduled rest recently?  If not, I hope you will take a look at your calendar and commit to it today.