Just Ask: Meeting Charles Lee

One of the questions I often here is how does an Introvert like myself get connected to so many influential leaders?  The answer is pretty easy: I just ask.

I’m a learner by nature and I love asking questions and listening to great leaders share their stories.  Having the opportunity to ask these questions though often begins with one key question: “Can I meet you and ask you a few questions?”

I once heard a social media hero of mine, Gary Vaynerchuk say that he gave this dating advice to his friend: ask every hot girl you see out on a date and eventually one will say yes.  I took this perspective to meeting influential leaders and essentially ask every innovative leader out on a date and a few of them over the years have said yes.  To be honest, I’m probably told no or ignored more times that I’m told yes, but pretty consistently I’m told yes which opens up an incredible opportunity to pick the brain of a great leader.

Are there people or leaders whom you would love to meet and learn from?  Why not reach out to them and see if they would be willing to give you 15 minutes of their time to answer 3 questions.  Here’s what recently happened to me:

I saw on Twitter that Charles Lee was in New York.  After following his work for over 4 years and hearing him speak at several conferences and events around the country I have always wanted to meet him.  I simply asked him publicly on Twitter if he might have a window of time while in New York to meet up.  Within 30 minutes of my tweet I had a Direct Message from Charles with a time and location and just a few hours later I was sitting across a table from him.  He was gracious, humble and willing to answer my questions about life, ministry, business and everything in between.  I’m a better leader because of it and none of it would have been possible if I had not been bold enough to just ask.