Learning Out Loud

I’ve been blogging for almost 6 years now and often struggled to find my voice and at times even understand why I was blogging. In some ways, this has essentially been my platform to learn out loud. Early on I was pretty unintentional when using this platform, but would get different feedback and responses from various blog posts that have fueled me to continue to learn out loud about different topics. 

I actually started blogging 6 years ago when I felt directionless in ministry, but was really interested in the intersection of technology and the church. I didn’t think it could actually be a job, but I started writing about it out loud and would watch my Google Analytics when 4-5 (yes, that was four to five… not 45) people read my blog each day. One of those people happened to be Robert Emmitt, which led to a lunch, which led to the job that has dramatically changed my life and ministry career. 

If for no other reason blogging to get my current job made it all worth it. I kept blogging and have connected with so many people through this platform and have been blown away watching the traffic grow and hearing the stories of those who have learned from my learnings. So, I’m going to keep learning out loud and pray my thoughts bring value to you in some way. 

If there any topics that you would like to hear about in 2016 I would love to hear from you!  Simply comment or leave me a message on my contact page. I genuinely want to hear from you and how I can best use this medium to help you in your ministry or organization. Let’s have a great 2016 continuing to learn together!