Learning to Measure Your Facebook Effectiveness

How do you know if you are being effective in your Facebook strategy?  Facebook actually gives you some great insights into how effective you are through their Insights feature.  When logged into your Facebook Page, simply click the Insights button at the top.  

There are many things you can dig into, but here are the top 3 things that you should pay attention to and are the first 3 things you will see when you go to Insights:

  • Page Likes - this tells you how much your page is growing and lets you know if you are reaching more people through your Facebook page.

  • Post Reach - this lets you know how many people each week that you are reaching and if you are reaching more or fewer people through your content strategy.

  • Engagement - this lets you know the number of people who Liked, Commented on, Shared or Clicked on one of your posts.  

My encouragement is to check these numbers on a weekly basis to see if you are growing in these 3 areas.  If for any reason you are not growing in these 3 areas for 1 week don’t worry, but if you see a trend of decline for multiple weeks you should begin to look at what adjustments you need to make.  

One of the things our team loves to do is create Analytics reports for our clients.  If you are interested in having a monthly Digital Dashboard created for your church or organization simply reach out, we would love to help!