Locking the iPhone

Many of you already know that Katie's iPhone was stolen a couple of weeks ago.  We thought that we had protected ourselves from the threat of losing the phone because we have Mobile Me with tracking capabilities.  There are 2 steps we did not take though, that you should know about:

1)  We never activated the tracking on her phone.  This is probably a nobrainer, but we never made sure that it was active until after her phone was stolen. 

2) Your iPhone must be on and locked in order to be tracked.  With Katie's phone, whoever stole it was able to just turn it off.  Whether we had the tracking activited or not it wouldn't have mattered because it was turned off.  If you lock your phone,  it is impossible to turn off making the tracking of the phone very easy. 

Anyways, if you're an iPhone user (which you should be) you need to make sure your tracking is activated and your iPhone is locked.  I also want to say a quick thank you to our good friend, Luke Riley, who gave us his old iPhone.