Looking Back at 2014

As I look back at 2014 it has been quite a year and possibly the most defining year of my life and ministry to date.  There were some fun technology projects like jumping into the Connected TV space with the CBC Roku and Amazon TV channels, navigating Google's new Business View and many new updates to the Community Bible Church website (primarily a custom search feature).  

Beyond the fun projects came some fantastic new relationships!  It has been a great blessing to add a couple of new consulting clients this year in Emotionally Healthy Spirituality, Key Ministry, and Vemory.  I was also introduced to Steve Knox of Orbiting Normal who really helped me to better define my calling and better focus my time and energy.  

What stands out most though in 2014 were a handful of key events that have truly shaped me more than I can describe:

  1. Getting Miller Fisher Syndrome - while in New York at a Conference I landed in the hospital for 3 days to get diagnosed with a rare syndrome.   That led me to getting 10 days of treatment in the San Antonio hospital and more than a month stuck on a couch with double vision and imbalanced legs.  It was quite a ride and definitely got a lot of interesting looks from my cane and eye patch that I rocked for a couple of months.  Before this event took place the last thing I considered was my health and my workaholism consumed me.  I continue to believe in hustle and hard work, but have learned a new life balance and a greater focus on my physical and emotional health in understanding how these effect my spiritual health.
  2. Launching Online Church Leaders and Faith Social - a year after releasing the Social Media Guide for Ministry I was able to participate this year in launching these 2 great products that have already helped hundreds of churches.  Resourcing the Kingdom has become a significant passion of mine being able to share my hands on learning from CBC with churches throughout the world.  
  3. Moving to New York - after visiting and falling in love with the city 14 years ago while on a college Mission Trip and since visiting countless times, Katie and I took the risk of our lives and sold everything to move to New York.  We weren't leaving anything as I still work full-time for Community Bible Church San Antonio, but pursuing adventure and a life perspective that we felt we couldn't gain otherwise.  God has already brought great blessing to our family through this step of faith.  
  4. Dreaming about the Future Church - serving under the leadership of Robert Emmitt means you will never function in a box and my role has never felt so limitless as it has over the past 6 months.  Robert has allowed me to research, dream, and plan for the future of Community Bible Church that has me more excited about the future than I have ever been!  I feel so humbled and honored to be a part of what God has done and is doing at CBC, but this past year has only confirmed to me that the best days for this church are still ahead and I'm so excited to be a part!   

What a year it has been with many great highs and a few lows.  I'm grateful for you allowing me to share my journey here and for you joining me digitally through this journey of life and ministry.  Thank you for your friendship, encouragement and ongoing prayer for me and my family.  We are grateful!