Moving to New York: Meeting Uber Drivers

Our move to New York has been incredible so far and one of my favorite things has been getting to know my Uber drivers.  First of all I love Uber and the way that they use technology and create a job opportunities for just about anyone who is willing to work and has a car.  When I call an Uber driver they have no idea that they’re not just giving me a ride but signing up for a game of 20 questions. 

I’ve taken Uber about 10 times since moving here and had drivers from Nepal, Colombia, India, Pakistan, China, Bangladesh, and Brooklyn.  Each had such a unique story and continue to help me develop a global perspective that I could not gain anywhere else! 

Here are some of the commonalities I've found about Uber drivers through my conversations: 

·      Hustle – they all had a work ethic like none other!  Many have day jobs and do this on the side to make extra money for their family.  One 20 year old saved up all of his money to buy a car and treated us as if we were using a limo service with candy, bottled water and mints in the seats.   He has entrepreneurial goals to buy additional cars to rent out to friends for them to drive as well.  None were lackadaisical about their job and all appreciated the opportunity that Uber provided them. 

·      Service –I’ve travelled a lot over the past 3 years or so and ridden in a lot of cabs along the way.  Few were nice or clean and most cab drivers acted as if I weren’t there, talking on the phone or listening to their music.  Every Uber driver is quick to help with bags, friendly when asked questions, and almost always asks what music I would like to listen to on the radio.  Why are they different?  Uber’s systems is built on ratings and the higher the ratings they get the more opportunities Uber sends their way.  I’m not sure how it all works, but the accountability of ratings creates a culture of excellence.

·      Diverse – as I shared above I have not had a driver from the same country and only one originating from the United States.  I have had young drivers where this is their first job and older retired drivers making additional income after retiring from their career.  You never know who you’re going to meet when you call an Uber car and this might just be the best part!

Have you used Uber yet?  What has your experience been?  If you come to New York I can’t encourage you enough to give Uber a try and see who you meet! 

By the way, I’ve waited almost an hour in the cab line at the LaGuardia airport and never waited more than 5 minutes for an Uber driver to pick me up.  Just a little NYC tip for you next time you’re coming this way.