NYC Attention to Details


New York City is magical this time of year!  It's not just the giant Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center.  It's everything!

One of the coolest things you will see are the window displays at the major department stores.  We were privileged to not only see these yesterday while walking around, but watch as one was being put together.  The attention to detail was amazing and will make me appreciate those displays much more than I ever did before (which honestly wasn't much).

As a leader I'm a big picture guy and honestly use that too often as an excuse to not pay attention to details as much as I should.  Details though are incredibly necessary and every organization needs leaders who not only see the big picture, but pay attention to the details.  If all you do is focus on the big picture without follow through on the details you will simply just create a big mess.

This week I encourage you to take a look at your website and bulletin.  Are there any misspellings or incorrect dates?  Look around your worship center.  Are there messy wires or any unnecessary clutter?  During your worship service are audio/video cues on time or delayed?

You might not generally notice these things, but you will be surprised by how many others will. Attention to details is critical to every organization and will make a huge difference in your church if you can make the necessary adjustments to pay extra attention to the necessary details.


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