NYC Different Perspective


Today I saw New York City from two different perspectives: the seat of a bus and from the rooftop of Rockefeller Center 70 stories in the air.  Both were amazing views and both gave me a very different perspective of the city.

From the bus I was able to see details and a much closer view of specific areas of the city.  From the roof I was able to see the city as a whole and got a much bigger perspective.

In our ministries or organizations we need to get both perspectives.  We need the close up look at specifics and we need an elevated look at the ministry or organization from a distance.  We won't get either of these perspectives though if we don't stop and either take a closer look at things or pull back and look at things from afar.

I want to encourage you to once a month dig into one specific area of your church or ministry and see what you can learn or better understand.  I also encourage you to once a quarter take a day or half day to pull back and take a look at your church or organization from a distance and the direction that you are heading as a whole.  I think you will be surprised by the difference that these focused perspectives will bring to your leadership.


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