NYC Favorite Things - Food Spots

When people ask us what we’ll miss in New York, whether we admit it or not one of the very honest answers is the food. My encouragement to visitors to the city is to use Yelp as much as possible. We’ve yet to find a bad restaurant via Yelp and we’ve definitely found some incredible ones along the way. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Dizzy’s Diner - just a block from our house, this became our regular place. They have a casual atmosphere and everything on the menu is incredible. The Teo’s Eggs became a family favorite!

  • Bagel Pub - best Bagels in New York are on 9th Street in Park Slope! They make the bagels and cream cheese in house and everything is great! My go to was a blueberry bagel with strawberry cream cheese and an iced banana latte.

  • Patacon - this Venezuelan hole in the wall in Queens is so addicting! Everything is good, but the Pork Wraps (called something else) are so stinking good!

  • Juniors - when guests were in town and we were near Times Square we loved popping into Juniors. The food is okay, but the cheesecake is what they’re famous for.

  • Alice’s Teacup - this was hands down the favorite restaurant (other than McDonald's) of our girls. It’s a classy spot that’s fun for all ages (mostly girls)

  • Halal Guys - located right outside the Hilton on 6th Avenue this is the best food cart in all of New York. There are lots of impersonators, but you will always see a line at the real “Halal Guys” cart. Get the mixed plate with extra white sauce. You’re welcome.


Bonus Spots:

  • Shake Shack - great shakes and burgers, but always a long line

  • 7th Avenue Diner - classic New York diner in the heart of Park Slope in Brooklyn

  • Ellen’s Diner - food is okay, but great entertainment

  • Carmine’s - great family style Italian spot in Times Square