NYC Favorite Things - Networking Highlights

While being intentional about networking in NYC was something I intended to do, I never anticipated the variety of leaders I would meet. Here were some of the highlights of those networking connections:

  • Gary Vaynerchuk - Gary Vee has been a hero for many years. Getting to meet him at a book signing after one of his speaking events on a Sunday evening was definitely a highlight of my time here in New York. Just a couple days later I was privileged to visit his office at Vaynermedia! Gary was so friendly and great to connect with face to face.

  • George McGovern - Chaplain, Yankees and NY Giants - George actually reached out to me on LinkedIn and I had a blast connecting for lunch one day and having an ongoing relationship even bringing my family out to his house in New Jersey for a bar-b-q. George is one of the kindest and most humble men I’ve ever met.

  • Willie Morris - Founder, FaithBox - I have been following Willie’s story for some time and had a blast meeting up face to face at the VaynerMedia offices. Willie is one of the most creative entrepreneur’s I’ve ever interacted with and probably the friendliest dude I’ve ever met!

  • Will Anderson - CEO, Christian Post - I met Will at a roundtable conversation with a group of technology leaders at the Christian Post headquarters in Lower Manhattan. Will was incredibly welcoming and passionate about ministry impact far more that business development. Meeting Will gave me a new perspective of how a for-profit business can function very much as a ministry.

  • Scott Wennermark - Director of Strategic Advancement, American Bible Society - Scott and I met over the phone about a year before I moved to New York, but it was great to meet up a couple of times while he was in the area. We also had the privilege of worshiping together at Times Square Church at one of their prayer services. Love the unique work he is doing with DJ Chuang with the .Bible TLD.

  • Sean Coughlin - Co-founder and CEO, Faith Street - my friend DJ Chuang introduced me to Sean when he was in town and it was great to get to know him personally and hear about the unique work they are doing at Faith Street and how they are serving the Church using new technologies in a very unique way.


During my time in the city, I also had the privilege of also attending some unique networking events hosted by some unique organizations listed below. Each event led to meeting some of the most unique and creative people. Among everyone I met there was a commonality among each of them: hustle. Here’s a list of some of these events/organizations: