NYC Under Construction


Under Construction generally has some negative connotations to it.  People generally don't like change and construction generally means inconvenience in some way.

It's really a matter of perspective though isn't it?   Doesn't it really mean that things are getting better?  Construction generally causes us short term inconvenience leading to a long term solution for an issue around us.

Our tour guide quoted Mark Twain saying that New York City would be a great city once it was done being "Under Construction."  He said this sarcastically as the city will always be under construction.  If you live in the city you can either choose be constantly frustrated about the construction or excited knowing that the city is just getting better every day!

The day that New York stops being under construction is the day that it begins it's decline as a city.

Our churches and ministries should also always be "Under Construction" as well or at least have areas that are under construction.  That means that we should always be looking to improve what we are doing and finding new or better ways to accomplish our purposes.  Facebook describes the social network as being in a constant state of beta as it must always be changing and improving to stay relevant.  Change is ALWAYS necessary in various aspects of ALL organizations... including the church!

Part of the construction process involves learning curves and various inconveniences.  As your church is working through these things be grateful knowing that you are getting better and becoming the church God desires for you to be or at least striving to be.  Embrace the needed changes and remain flexible throughout the construction process.  Also, be ready to celebrate when the construction ends and the new begins!


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