Problems? No, Opportunities!


I'm excited to share with you this incredible book written by my friend and colleague, Elmer Hembree.  Elmer is an incredible leader serving as our Senior Adult Pastor at Community Bible Church in San Antonio, TX.  I've known Elmer for almost two years, but honestly it wasn't until I read this book that I felt I really knew him as he shares about God's work in his life with such vulnerability.  God has done and is doing an amazing work in and through Elmer's life that is so powerfully communicated through this book.

This is a book that is packed with great content yet is an easy and quick read (I read it in about a day and a half).  You also can't beat the price as it is a .99 download on the Nook or Kindle!  I hope you will take a minute to watch this interview I did with Elmer for CBC Online and then go to one of the links below to download or purchase the book.



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