Promoting Your Podcast Online

It’s hard to know how to effectively promote a podcast as you are often not sure where to drive people. I’m not sure that we have figured this out or that anyone has developed a perfect solution, but here are some tips that we have learned over the past 18 months:

  • Optimize for iTunes Search – many people will find your podcast simply through searching on iTunes.  Make sure that you have a title that is clear and searchable.  Also, be creative in your show titles as these are also significant in search optimization for your podcast.
  • Maximize Social Media – use social media to build community outside of your podcast creating awareness of the podcast and also making your podcast content very sharable socially.  Don’t rely only on iTunes search to promote your podcast.
  • Build an Email List – getting subscribers to your podcast is great, but alerting them of new episodes via email is even better. Creatively find opportunities for your listeners to subscribe to your email list to get updates as this will help them to stay more engaged long term.
  • Be a Guest – make yourself available to other podcasters as a guest. Invite them to join you on your podcast and they will likely invite you to do the same on theirs. People rarely just listen to one podcast and it’s not stealing an audience when partnering on podcasts, but sharing an audience around a similar theme.
  • Resource your Guests – when you have guests join your podcast make sure to resource them with everything they need to promote the podcast on their platforms. Send them a pre-created email and blog post as well as social media posts with graphics to help them most effectively promote the episode.
  • Talk about it Often – as you have opportunities to write, speak or just interact with other people around the topic of your podcast make sure to mention it often. Don’t miss out on the opportunity of personal invitation.

I would love to hear any other promotional opportunities you might have found around podcasting. We are all learning together and your insights are incredibly valuable.