Realism and Idealism: Understanding Gen Z

As a parent of a 3 year old and a 6 year old I'm curious how technology will effect them.  I seriously grew up with a black and white TV and an antenna and didn't have internet in our house until I was a Senior in High School.  The world has changed tremendously since then and my girls have known how to navigate Netflix since they were 2.  

There is no doubt that these new technologies will effect them tremendously in both positive and negative ways.  Not surprisingly, our plan is to not shelter our kids technology, but to fully embrace it and lean into the positives as much as possible.  But at the same time, we plan to maintain as many controls as possible.

The video you're about to watch looks at the generation that will come before my kids and is vastly different from any other generation before.  There is a perspective that they have had from an early age that shapes the way they see the world and how they interact with it.

As church leaders it seems we're still trying to figure out Millennials, but lets not ignore an even more complex generation behind that is the Gen Z.  Take a look at this video and let it soak in a little as you consider what this means for the church and how we should strive to engage them into the life of our local congregations.